Why Move Your Blog?

Branding - Build Your Personal Brand.

Credibility - Professional Presence.

Control - Layout, Content and Functionality.

Findability - Search Engine Optimization.

Familiarity - Easy-To-Remember Naming.

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FREE Mailing List Management – Why Pay A Monthly Fee?

With this FREE tool you can:

  • Create unlimited number of newsletter lists
  • Create followup email responses that can be scheduled to go out after a specific number of days since the subscriber subscribes.
  • Add subscription forms to your sidebar using widgets.
  • Provide email subscriptions to your blog without using third party services like Feedburner
  • Generate subscription forms and then use them on your website anywhere.
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Maintaining Search Engine Rank When Moving From Blogger To A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog – 3 Easy Steps

This little tip makes use of an “HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently” header to inform browsers and search engines of your blog’s new location. Search engines and others may still link to the old location for some time, but when they update, your new location will keep its rank because each pre-existing post will be recognized as the same page by search engines.

It’s kind of a big deal if your blog was already popular, and possibly the number one reason folks are scared to move their blogs.

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A simple one-to-one exchange of banner impressions by Bloggers, for Bloggers

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How To Schedule Posts On Facebook Without Installing Any New Software

Facebook Page’s Timeline lets you schedule posts! Surprisingly useful and well-thought out.

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